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The Chekhov Theatre
A Century of the Plays in Performance
Laurence Senelick
Tufts University, Massachusetts Paperback (ISBN-13: 9780521783958 | ISBN-10: 052178395X)

This is the first cross-cultural study of Chekhovs plays in production. Many now consider Chekhov a playwright equal to Shakespeare, and this book studies how the reputation evolved, and how the presentation of his plays varied and altered from their initial productions in Russia to the most recent postmodern deconstructions of them. In the process, Laurence Senelick analyses the ways in which the reception of Chekhovs plays reflects social, political and aesthetic attitudes in specific countries. Particular attention is given to the staging of Chekhov in Russia before and after the Revolution, and under different regimes; in the English-speaking world, in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in Japan. Senelick also includes interpretations of Chekhov by the centurys most influential directors and designers with valuable and informative illustrations of key productions also a feature of the book.
Accessible and lively overview of Chekhov interpretations through the century First and most comprehensive stage history of Chekhov in any language - winner of prestigious Barnard Hewitt Award for outstanding contribution to theatre research (1997) Suitable for student courses and general theatre goers - Senelick internationally recognized authority


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